A real showstopper Christmas tree!


Classic shape best known for its beautiful colour which varies from steel blue through to silvery-green, Blue spruce is a symetrical and attractive tree with dense branches. Not a needle-fast tree but watering daily will help reduce possible needle drop. 



Blue Spruce cut Christmas Tree

  • Your real tree is a natural product cared for by the grower for 6-10 years before coming into your home. It is a plantation tree, grown for your enjoyment and not taken from natural woodland. 

    By following  few simple tips, you can keep your tree fresh and fragrant all through the christmas period. When you bring your tree home, cut 1cm off the base of the trunk. Keep the tree outdoors standing in water and protected from the wind until you are ready to decorate. This will help the tree retain its moisture. 

    Before bringing the tree into your home and placing it in a stand, cut another 1cm off the base of the trunk. This ensures that the tree stem is open and can take up water. Immediately put your tree in the stand and fill it with fresh water. If you allow the water to drop below the fresh cut a new seal will form over the stem.